The PCC have agreed that the PCC minutes will in future be regarded as a public document, but please remember that they will not be signed for accuracy until our next PCC meeting!







PRESENT:      Mrs D Fretwell  (Chair)


                        Ms C Hall                    Mrs C Sayles

                        Mr M Holmes             Mrs M Wallen

                        Mr D Hooton              Mrs H Wellby

                        Mrs D Offord             Mr I Wellby

                        Mr M Offord


In attendance:  Mrs J Howard



1                    OPENING  PRAYER  -  the prayers were taken from a printed sheet.


2                    APOLOGIES  FOR  ABSENCE  -  none.  All present!


3                    MINUTES  OF  MEETING  HELD  ON  19th April 2018  -  these were signed after a small correction had been made.


4                    MATTERS  ARISING


Page 1  -  Lectern awaiting repair.


Electronic screen -  awaiting approval from Chancellor.


Smart Electrical - cheque not yet drawn.


Schools’ visit  - taking place 18th-22nd June 2018


Church Magazine  -  item printed in July magazine on its future.


Page 2  -  Finance  -  due to increased giving it was thought unnecessary to give a sermon on this subject.


Clock  -  Gordon Thompson is hoping to solve the latest problem.


PAGE 3  -  Crich Gets Creative week  -  Sara Duffin thought that St Mary’s would organise this event!  This is not the case so she would be informed that it was not possible for St Mary’s to do this at the present time.


Dates of future meetings  -  the meeting arranged for 31.5.18 was cancelled.






Di Fretwell proposed that the PCC give their consent to the proposals that the three deaneries of Alfreton, Bolsover and Staveley and of Chesterfield shall be united  to form the Deanery of Hardwick.  The PCC voted as follows:-  7 for, 2 against, 1 abstention.

The PCC secretary will sign the form and return it to the Diocese.


6                    FINANCE  -  the Treasurer gave an update on the current state of the Income and Expenditure accounts and said there was no cause for concern at the present time.

Mention was made that the new Hardwick deanery was one of the two poorest in the Diocese and gratitude had been expressed to those parishes who had paid their dues to the Common Fund.

The money raised to date from Gift Day is £5200.00.

The collection at Aileen Taylor’s funeral amounted to just about £1000.00 and it was agreed by the PCC that this money should go towards purchasing the chairs.

On the subject of chairs (to replace pews taken out during re-ordering) Andrew Penson had circulated pictures of possible chairs.  Deirdre Offord proposed that Andrew orders 2 samples for members’ consideration.

The Treasurer had sent £25.00 from St Mary’s towards the retirement gift for Bishop Alistair.


7                    SAFEGUARDING  - Deirdre Offord had met with Claire Morris to discuss this subject and it was proposed that a separate meeting should be arranged for further discussions with PCC members and others.  The proposed date was 19th July 2018.


8                    CORRESPONDENCE


a.       E-mail from David Howard  regarding formal completion of the Welcome Project - Andrew Penson to contact Diocese to ask for an extension to the completion date of 3.7.18.

b.      Hill organ  -  following recent communications with the DAC in which the DAC had suggested that there were shortcomings in Aistrup and Hind’s proposals and they wished that we should invite other organ builders to inspect the organ and provide quotations for a much larger scope of work.  We do not believe that this would be acceptable to the church in terms of cost and disruption so we are inclined to reply to the DAC saying that if the simpler job is not acceptable we would withdraw the application as we do not have the capacity to go through the whole Faculty process again.  David Howard would be asked to reply on these lines.

c.       Bells  -  a request had been received from Peter Jenkinson to ask the Diocesan Association of Bell Ringers to carry out a free inspection of the bells.  Di Fretwell will contact Harold Dobbin about this matter.  Peter also was hoping to teach bell ringing but it was agreed that this matter would be put on hold until such time as a new Incumbent was appointed.
(Di Fretwell to reply to Peter.)

d.      Churchwarden training  -  4th July at Swanwick.

e.       Stand Service 11.11.18  -  Di Fretwell to check details with current warden.





Martyn Offord brought members up to date with the recent developments.  A meeting will be arranged with the Archdeacon to finalise the advert, date of publication and the completed profile approved.  The Parish Profile had been circulated to members prior to the meeting and a few alterations would be made.  Michael Holmes proposed and Mary Wallen seconded the proposal to accept the Parish Profile with the alterations.  It was suggested that an informal get together with prospective candidates should be arranged prior to any formal interviews taking place.  Di Fretwell offered to show candidates round the church and Parish locations (e.g. schools); Martyn Offord and Mary Wallen agreed to be included on the interview panel.

Martyn will circulate a copy of the proposed advert to PCC members.


8          AOB


1.      GDPR and Church Directory update  -  Di Fretwell explained how personal information is held for another organisation which she belongs to – PCC members agreed that this would be acceptable for St Mary’s directory.

2.      Trace Taylor concert  -  to be arranged for Spring 2019.

3.      Christmas cards 2018  -  PCC members agreed that Anette should proceed with organising the printing etc.

4.      Visit by Clay Family Society  -  27.6.18

5.      Lightning Protection Testing  -  Stone Technical Services had sent through their quotation – this will be passed to Andrew Penson for action.

6.      Ecclesiastical Insurance quote  -  PCC members agreed that this should be paid.

7.      Risk Assessment for 30.6.18  -  Mary Wallen + Christine Mee to action


9                    DATES  OF  FUTURE  MEETINGS


19TH  JULY  2018  -  SAFEGUARDING  -  7.30 PM  IN  CHURCH


2ND AUGUST  2018  -  PCC  -  7.30 PM  IN  CHURCH


20TH SEPTEMBER  2018  -  PCC  -  7.30  PM  IN  CHURCH



10                CLOSING  PRAYER  -  the meeting closed with the Grace.




Amended and checked 3/7/18 (DGF)

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