The PCC have agreed that the PCC minutes will in future be regarded as a public document, but please remember that they will not be signed for accuracy until our next PCC meeting!


As our annual meetings are nearly upon us, here are last years minutes.







1                    OPENING  PRAYER  -  the Vicar opened the meeting with a prayer.


2                    MINUTES  OF  MEETING  HELD  ON  14th  APRIL  2016  -  these were signed as a correct record.


3                    APPOINTMENT  OF  CHURCH  WARDENS  -  the Vicar thanked Michael Holmes and Christine Sayles for working so well as Church Wardens for St Mary’s during the last year.  In particular he thanked Christine for so many years as Warden and for her spiritual leadership.


Two nominations for Church Wardens had been received:-


Michael Holmes          nominated by Mrs Penson      seconded by Mrs Sayles

Martyn Offord            nominated by Mrs Sayles        seconded by Mrs Penson

(on the understanding that he will not always be available)


The local Visitation will take place on 20 June at Bolsover Parish Church which will confirm their appointments.


This concluded the Parishioners meeting at which 28 people were present.


Signed …………………………………………………………………Date ………………….






1                    APOLOGIES  FOR  ABSENCE  were received from 14 parishioners.


2                    MINUTES  OF  MEETING  HELD  ON  14.4.16  -  these were signed as a correct record.


3                    TREASURER’S  REPORT  -  figures for Income and Expenditure were shown on the screen  (copies of the full accounts had been circulated prior to the meeting).

      The Treasurer answered any queries relating to the figures.


The Treasurer mentioned that he would be giving a talk during the service on 14th May 2017 to inform the congregation of the current state of the Church’s finances.

(the recent letter on this topic sent out to 57 people had only had 10 replies).  Money needs to come in on a regular basis as it also goes out on a regular basis.


Thanks were expressed to Wendy Holtam for her help with Church finances.


Welcome Project  - there were queries about the spending on the project.  The retention money of 2.5% which amounts to about £2000.00 is outstanding. 



£8000.00 is to repay to the Diocese and about £2000.00 for minor works to complete the project.


Thanks were expressed to Peter Bentham-Hill for acting as Independent Examiner of the Financial Statements. (It is hoped he will be able to take on this role next year).  Also many many thanks were expressed to Dennis for all the work he does throughout the year looking after the Income and Expenditure accounts and also the Welcome Project finances!).


4                    REPORTS  FROM  THE  ORGANISATIONS  -  these had also been available prior to the meeting but the Vicar mentioned the following:-


·         A big thankyou to everyone involved in the smooth running of St Mary’s.

·         Thankyou to David Howard for the hours he had worked on the Welcome Project.

     (there was a big round of applause at this point in the proceedings!)

·          Thanks to Val Clark for all her time spent on the Magazine and Rotas.

·          Thanks to Martin and Suzi for their help in running the Family Services and to Suzi for her help with ‘D’ Group.  (Mention was made that a replacement helper is needed for Suzi and people were encouraged to talk to Dennis about offering to help).

·         Thanks to PCC Secretary.


5                    ELECTORAL  ROLL  -  Mrs Fretwell gave her report on current numbers on roll -  76 active names because we have lost 4 members but gained 4 new ones.


6                    ELECTION  OF  PCC  MEMBERS


There are five vacancies but only two nominations:-


Mr P Townsend    proposed by Mrs Fretwell       seconded by Mrs Sayles

Mrs M Wallen       proposed by Mrs Penson         seconded by Mrs Brooks


Two further nominations were made at the meeting –


Ms C Hall              proposed by Mr Hooton         seconded by Mr Riddings

Mrs H Wellby       proposed by Mrs Fretwell       seconded by Mr Caine


All nominations were accepted.


7                    DEANERY  SYNOD


Mrs Fretwell and Mrs Sayles agreed to be our Deanery Synod representatives – there is still one vacancy.


8                    APPOINTMENT  OF  VICE CHAIR  TO  THE  PCC  -  Mrs Fretwell agreed to take on this role.






9                    DEPUTY  CHURCH  WARDENS  -  the following people agreed to be Deputy Church Wardens  -  Mrs Fretwell, Mrs Sayles, Mrs Sellors and Mr Wellby.  A meeting will be arranged soon for Church Wardens and Deputy Church Wardens to talk through the role they will play during the coming year.


10                CHAIRMAN’S  REMARKS  -  in view of the forthcoming retirement of the Vicar on 3.9.17 the Vicar said that two people from St Mary’s and two from All Saints’ would need to prepare a Parish profile and job description before meeting with the Archdeacon to talk through the process.  It was suggested that this should be started as soon as possible.


At this stage of the meeting Mrs Fretwell suggested working in small groups to look at various questions given for discussion which she had prepared for the meeting.  Another paper entitled ‘Who will do what during the interregnum?’ was

circulated to each group for their consideration and hopefully action.  The results of the group discussions would be given to the Church Wardens in due course.


The Vicar said he felt confident about the congregation going into the interregnum because a number of people had already offered to help.  Also if people work together with good communication and involve the congregation then things should run smoothly.


The Vicar thanked everyone for their participation at the AGM and mentioned that there were lots of future events planned and could be found on the website.


11                CLOSING  PRAYER  -  the meeting closed with The Grace.

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