The PCC have agreed that the PCC minutes will in future be regarded as a public document, but please remember that they will not be signed for accuracy until our next PCC meeting!






PRESENT:      Mrs D Fretwell  (Chair)


                        Mr M Holmes                         Ms C Hall

                        Mr D Hooton                          Mrs D Offord

                        Mr M Offord                          Mrs C Sayles

                        Mr I Wellby                            Mrs M Wallen

                                                            Mrs H Wellby

In attendance:  Mrs J Howard


1          OPENING  PRAYER  -  this was led by Di Fretwell and taken from the Celtic Daily Prayer book.


2          APOLOGIES  FOR  ABSENCE  were received from Mrs V Clark and Mr P Townsend.

Mr W Caine has resigned from the PCC and become a member of the Fabric Committee as he often has to work evenings but is sometimes free during the day to help with Fabric matters.


3          APPROVAL  OF  MINUTES  3.8.17  -  these were signed after a few amendments had been made.


4          MATTERS  ARISING  FROM  MINUTES  3.8.17


Page 1  -  Amanda Hitchcock awaiting date for clearance of Vicarage garden rubbish.

Post to be re-directed to Christine Port once Vicar has removal date.


Page 2  -  Alpha course  -  Ministry team to discuss.

Church heating  -  5 laminated copies of the timeclock instructions have been made.


Page 3  -  the new Fabric Committee will be chaired by Andrew Penson with W Caine, M Holmes and G Thompson as members.  A book has been placed at the back of church for people to write in any jobs they see or need to be done – these will then be discussed at a Fabric Committee meeting and subsequently brought to the attention of the PCC.

Thanks were expressed to David Howard and Ian Wellby for their membership of the Fabric Committee (action Martyn Offord )


Page 4  -  Alpha DVDs  -  Dennis awaiting reply from Lynn Penson.


Philip’s leaving service and lunch  -  a huge thankyou was expressed to Di for all her hard work in organising both the service and the catering arrangements for the day  -  many thanks from everyone for making the day so special!







5          ENCOURAGEMENT  UPDATE  ON  WHAT  HAS  BEEN  ACHIEVED REGARDING  HAND-OVER  OF  RESPONSIBILITIES  FOR  VACANCY PERIOD – a list was circulated to members listing all the things that have happened at St Mary’s during August/September for which we should thank God.  Mrs Offord suggested printing this in the November magazine so people were made aware of these things.  The Ministry team would be informed first.


‘A Church Near You’  -  Anette has agreed to update this information on the website.


Further grants from Severn Trent  -  Mr Wellby said that as we had already received money and goods/work from Severn Trent, we should not apply for further funds.  He suggested that the day care at the Glebe and the Careline should apply.  All agreed with this suggestion.


6          FINANCE  -


The money donated towards the Vicar’s leaving present left a balance of about £472.00 and it was agreed that he should be given a cheque for this amount (action, D Hooton).


Regarding donations towards the buffet lunch, the PCC had already agreed to pay the balance if necessary (action, D Hooton)


Clergy Conference 16.11.17  -  it was agreed to pay the fee of £40.00 for Anette to attend for the one day she requested.


The Income and Expenditure accounts had been circulated prior to the meeting and there were no immediate concerns.


The new contract for Parish buying of gas and electricity is slightly less than the previous year.


Magazine printing  -  Di Fretwell had helped Christine Port with the printing but had a number of issues with it.  She will discuss these with Richard Morris and report back to the PCC with recommendations.  Anette will be doing the November magazine.



7          FABRIC  COMMITTEE  REPORT  -  the new Fabric Committee had met recently and issued a report – Bill Caine will install a switch at the gate to turn on the outside lights  on dark evenings.

Key holders  -  the Fabric Committee have agreed to take on responsibility for the Vicarage when it is empty – Gordon Thompson will also have a key.  The PCC agreed that the neighbour who already keeps an eye on the property will have a contact telephone number in case of any emergency.

Church Notice Board  -  two names to be added, M Offord and I Wellby.








8          SERVICES  TO  BE HELD  ON  24.9.17  -  the morning service has been arranged by Anette .  Regarding the evening service it was suggested that the musical items should include traditional praise hymns and also some modern ones (action - Michael Henshaw and Mary Wallen).  Deirdre and Martyn offered to choose some readings.  There will be refreshments after the service (Howards).


9          PREPARATION  FOR  FINDING  A  NEW  INCUMBENT  -  Martyn Offord reported that the Parish Profile is well on the way and  there will be many meetings to be arranged.  He is hoping that a short film can be included.  The first draft will be sent to PCC members for their comments.


10/11   PCC – Ministry Team  -  it was agreed that the PCC Minutes should be put on the website and also a copy displayed in the church porch.




Job Description for Christine Port – this was approved by the PCC and to be signed by Di.


Communications team at the Diocese - The questionnaire sent from the team at Diocese will be completed by Di Fretwell and returned to the Communications Team .


Governors  -  the following were approved by the PCC:-


Faye Whitehead  (if she is willing to continue – Martyn Offord to check.

Peter Yates

Chris Baker

Conor Barry (if he is willing to continue)  (action, Jean H)


13        AOB


Christmas card delivery  -  Di to check whether there will be a charge.

Church Christmas card  -  it is hoped to have a better design this year.

Christmas tree  -  to arrive before 26.11.17 and to be decorated by Ian Travers and the Scout Explorers

9.12.17 – Pete Townsend has organised a concert to be held in the Glebe – funds raised to be given to the Glebe (only travel expenses to be paid from money raised).

Harvest gifts  -  volunteers requested to help on the Tuesday after Harvest Festival Sunday. The schools will be in church on the Monday.

2.12.17  -  Coffee morning in church  -  help needed please.

Tear Fund  -  a representative from Tear Fund will be invited to give a talk (timed) at one of the Communion services.




THURSDAY  26TH  OCTOBER  2017  -  7.30 PM  IN  CHURCH  (Giving)


THURSDAY  23RD  NOVEMBER  2017  -  7.30 PM  IN CHURCH  (Budget 2018 and Fees)


15        CLOSING PRAYER  -  the meeting closed with the Grace.                         18.9.17

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