Life begins at Easter...

If the real meaning of Easter isn't eggs and the real meaning of Christmas isn't presents, then the real meaning of Christmas must be Easter! Simple! Well, perhaps not simple, but the right answer.  Life begins not at birth or at forty or even retirement! Life begins at  Easter!  and not because we can start eating chocolate again!

Setting challenges and having goals, helps us to sort the essentials from the non-essentials in life.   No one wants to look back on their life and realise they have wasted the years doing nothing much at all.  What would you like to look back on your life and be proud of?  Not being made an April fool, like the owners of these gravestones:

   Looked up the lift shaft to see if it was on the way down.  It was!
   This is NOT what I had in mind when I said,
       “Over my dead body!”
   My mother-in-law’s chicken really IS “to die for”


We all make mistakes, but by turning to Him we can have a second chance - No one is lost, and we know that because of the events of Holy Week - the guarantee of His love and care.   

When Jesus left the disciples on Good Friday they had no idea that His death would become a resurrection  They thought He was gone.  In spite of reassurances that He never would leave them or forsake them, they thought it was all over.  But we walk by faith and not by sight.  

There are days when the clouds fill the skies, as darkness covered the earth on Good Friday, but please be assured when you look at the Cross this Holy Week, of the inexhaustible generosity, grace and mercy of God even, or perhaps especially, for you.  Come to church this Easter and hear again the amazing story of the Saviour’s love and how He thinks you are worth it!


Annette Love

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