Vicar’s Message December 2019


Dear All,




Happiness…before all the Brexit stuff and the forthcoming General Election, long back in the days when Governments did stuff for the country rather than themselves, a Government planned to measure how well they were doing by how happy people were…”Is it me?” I asked myself!

The BBC also ran a series of programs on how happy you are…”Where do I begin?” I thought!


Lots of people hope for and plan for the ‘perfect Christmas’.  The magazines, papers and billboards tell you how easy it is and give you a countdown to the perfect day.

Brides ask me for a perfect wedding day, I usually tell them to go somewhere else because I have yet to take a perfect wedding!

The most memorable Christmas’ have been when there’s been an ‘incident’,

The best weddings are when something unplanned happens.


Perhaps therein lies something in this for our pursuit of ‘happiness’, and maybe an election? The unpredictable nature of life and all that it throws up, both for good and for ill, even in the most difficult of situations there can be those moments of joy, thankfulness and yes, even happiness.


Into a world, that demanded that God ‘do something’ about the state it was in, came Jesus.  Not with certainty but unpredictability.  Not as a world dominating God and Saviour, but as a baby; a child of human parents and all the uncertainty that goes with that and with this world.


Therein lies the Christian hope of happiness; that in our God, Jesus, who takes on all that this world has and gives it something new in return.  It’s He who offers to us in return for our sinful nature, a new heart and a new state of being, one that can be happy with God and He happy with us.


Have a ‘happy’ and ‘perfect’ Advent, Christmas and New Year and may you find in whatever you have planned a still centre of happiness in amongst the chaos that can be Christmas.                     


Ian Whitehead






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