A message from Anette for February


Maybe asking how you are doing with your New Year resolutions at the beginning of February is a bit insensitive.  Anyway how are you doing?   Eating and drinking less and being kinder to the people we care about, usually features somewhere in the self improvement plan. Whether or not we succeed probably depends upon the kind of support we receive.  My friend Mark lost an amazing two and half stones last year, because he says, he went to Slimming World.  Of course not only went, but did what they suggested.  Support made all the difference and that’s true for just about everything.

So, looking for that card on 14th February that says you are specially loved?   Well there’s a double bonus this year - it’s both Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day. So a race downstairs to see what the post has brought, followed by a chocolate-free gift (but who doesn’t mind roses?).

Whether you decide to give something up or to take something on for Lent, the key to completing is in back-up.  None of us can keep on keeping on, without help, and the best encouragement of all, is found in God, the One who loves us without reservation.

Coming to Church is a great way of finding support, as is that fuel for the soul - reading the Bible.  How about making it your Lent challenge to come to Church each week, or to read the whole of the New Testament? You’ll find some leaflets to help with that.

The three wise men were later in arriving at the stable than the shepherds, but they weren’t too late to find the baby Jesus. The star took them all the way to the manger where He lay.  It’s not too late to make your life the stable, your heart the manger where the Christ child is born.  It’s not too late to make a fresh start with God.  It’s not too late to find God’s real love and support.


Annette Love


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