A Christmas message from Anette for December


The heart of Christmas   


So much of what is at the heart of Christmas is found in the children.  When God wanted to do something important, He didn’t go shopping or start cooking, He sent a baby, our Saviour, His child.  God's gift came wrapped in endless love and is summed up simply, 'God so loved the world that He gave His only Son.'


Isn’t the highlight of every nativity when the children’s singing echoes angel voices, reminding us of the real meaning of Christmas?              

Be near me, Lord Jesus: I ask You to stay

Close by me forever and love me, I pray;

Bless all the dear children in Your tender care


We can see that we are in danger of destroying the season with excessive consumption and that the most precious gifts don’t come from Argos or Meadowhall.  There really is only so much that can be packed into Christmas and when we’ve stopped shopping, no one wants to end up having so much there's No Room left for baby Jesus or anything else that really matters.                                                                                                              


God has a huge love for us and invites us to allow our lives to be the stable, our hearts the manger in which Christ is born. This love is for all of us -  we who put up Christmas trees and lights, eat too much, over spend, tramp the shops and scour the internet searching for that perfect gift, because we want to show those we love how much we care. 


Christmas without Christ is crackers, because the message in the middle, the gift that falls on your dinner plate is not plastic, it’s the astonishing news that nothing remains outside God’s care and no-one is unloved - that is Christmas, and it really is enough.


Have a happy and holy Christmas     


Anette Love


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