Clergy letter for June – Anette Love

The simple pleasures of Ordinary Time

We’ve gone green in church.  We’ve been gold and red and purple, but now for all the summer months it’s ‘ordinary time’

- the longest season in the Church calendar.


Though just because it’s ordinary doesn’t mean it’s not important or of no significance to how God wants us to use our lives.  Abraham Lincoln said: “God must love ordinary people because He made so many of them”!


Ordinary people, need ‘ordinary time’, to sense God’s presence with us in the day-to-day ordinary comings and goings of life.  He is there at Christmas and Easter but He is also with us when life is just being ordinary.  When our eyes are opened to that, we see what an extraordinary God we have.


June however, does have some special saints St Columba (9th).

St Barnabas (11th) St Alban (22nd), St Peter and St Paul (29th) are all celebrated this month.  Saint Alban who was martyred after giving shelter to a Christian priest, went to his execution with such holiness and serenity that one of the executioners was converted. 


Then there’s Father Day (17th) We say ‘spitting image’ when we see a similarity between one person and another.  Fathers’ Day is an occasion when dads are particularly remembered by their children.  How many boys have heard someone say ‘Oh, you really look like your father.’  Perhaps being holy is about paying attention to God and maybe even looking a bit like Him!  In John Keble's words, 'Help us, this and every day, to live more nearly as we pray'.


As we hold our annual Gift Day be assured that we will treasure your gift and your prayers and do all that we can, to ensure that in the special events and in the more ordinary times of worship we do ‘Praise in the common things of life, its goings out and in; Praise in each duty and each deed, that all my life, in every step, be fellowship with Thee.


May we know the blessing of giving to God this June.

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