Harvest: eat, drink and be merry?


How about this Harvest, considering a challenge to see life differently?  Jesus told a parable about a rich farmer who enjoyed a bumper harvest – one that will make him even wealthier than he already is. But he has a problem. 


Where to put it.  It never occurs to him to do anything other than keep it all.  Rather than share his plenty, he decides to
increase his storage capacity and anticipate the good life promised by new financial security.  He chooses to ignore any around him who might be in need.


He has no thought beyond that of ‘eat, drink and be merry’. He forgets that ‘tomorrow we may die’ and indeed he does die. The fragility of the farmer’s life is exposed and his control vanishes in a heartbeat. God called the farmer to give account - not of his wealth but of his greed.  The Bible uses the word pleonexia, which means the insatiable desire for more. It's greed which is akin to drinking sea water, satisfaction is illusory, it just creates a thirst for more.


We can be caught up in a similar delusion – of
accumulating more and more stuff, hoping it will provide security. 
The farmer has forgotten that
ultimately it is God who has provided the harvest.


The affluent can shield vulnerability behind savings and insurance, while those who live on the edge of life are sometimes more aware of their reliance
upon God and the help of others.  Are we not richer when we cease to fret about tomorrow and trust God for today, sharing what is
given to us?
 Such lives serve not only other people, but overflow in expressions of thanks to God.  A generous God to whom much thanks is due, particularly at this time of Harvest.


Anette  Love



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