Clergy letter for October


For most of us now, the holidays are behind us, and that was the Summer of 2019 (I think!).  Now the schools are rolling back, and the seven weeks holiday for most families but especially teachers & staff, is just a memory. Soon the nights will be drawing in and Christmas, will be upon us.   


Nothing stays still for long and the whole of our lives are spent half looking over our shoulder at what has been as well as looking forward to what is to be. 


That is the stage which we are at as a church and as a parish.  I’ve been here six months and it’s been a steep learning curve. You have been looking over your shoulder to what the previous Vicar did and I am looking back to see what I had done and yet the ministry of the church is here and now and will carry on into the future.   


A new Ministry Leadership Team in St Mary’s, made up of men and women with the needs of the whole church & parish on their hearts, will be a real part of that looking forward.  It is not just their or any other individual’s responsibility, it belongs to us all.  We all have a part to play in the future ministry in this place.  Later in October on the 26th we are planning an Away Day to begin the process of envisioning the future ministry here 

There are many new changes to face, in addition to the general change going on in our own lives, all these add up to new and interesting times. 


Is there a door opening for a new vision of what it means to be the Church in Crich?  Are you willing, no matter which denomination you belong to, to be a part of that new opening?   


Let us pray for a new awakening in our village.  Not only to the practical changes going on around us but also to the spiritual, social and communal as well.  May we and God be very much a part of all that is happening and what is going to happen in the future.

Newsletter 13th October 2019
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