Vicar’s Message February 2020

…and on the Menu for today is…

What do you like on the menu of your faith?  I know that many of us wouldn’t dare to think of faith like a restaurant menu, but some do.


Most people would like to feel comfortable about what they believe.  Like knowing what they like to order to eat.  There is enough difficulty in life without hassle over what we believe.


However, the problem might come that we may take a pick and mix approach to faith until we find a menu that we are comfortable with.  We might choose a little bit of Buddhism (re-incarnation instead of resurrection) with a side order of Spiritualism (mediums are forbidden by the Bible) whist avoiding a bit of Christianity (judgement which sounds scary) - then we feel happier about our meal of faith.


However, the important thing is not to do with how comfortable we feel but with whether or not the meal is a balanced one – balance as in ‘is it true?’


Why do we bother to create our own menu?  The true and balanced menu is available at any Christian Church.  The bonus is that in the end what may seem uncomfortable now will become the only comfortable thing in the end.  Jesus.     


Ian Whitehead


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