Bishop of Derby's Harvest Appeal 2017


Our financial gifts will support Bishop Alastair’s Harvest appeal, which is a particularly interesting project in our world today.

Bishop Alastair has sent out the following message across the Diocese:


The Edwardes College School Multi-Faith Education

Parachinar in Northern Pakistan is in a tribal area of high radicalisation with many refugees as it lies only twenty-five miles from the Afghan border.  The people have suffered greatly because of terrorism and sectarian
clashes and they need to experience healing and to discover a better way of living together harmoniously based on understanding and tolerance
rather than fear and prejudice.

After eight years of negotiation with the government, Bishop Humphrey has been given a disused building and permission to open the first Church School in the area on the understanding that Muslims and Christians, boys and girls will be educated together.  This project will help prevent further extremism and give children the possibility of a different future free from radicalisation. 

My annual Harvest Appeal is an opportunity for us all to consider the
families living in poverty in developing countries.

I would like to encourage you to support my Harvest Appeal 2017

With every blessing                                                                   +Alastair


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