Baptism (or Christening) marks the beginning of a person’s Christian journey. It may take place at any time of life, but what is important is that those stepping out on the journey understand the full implications of the commitment involved. Of course, if a child is brought to Baptism, the parents and godparents must undertake that understanding and commitment on their behalf, until they are old enough to make the promises themselves, as they come to Confirmation later in life.


At St. Mary’s & All Saints, we recognise that Baptism welcomes a new member to the Christian family. Just as a family would gather to welcome a new baby into the home, we firmly believe that the Church family ought to be gathered to welcome our newest member. Baptisms, therefore, generally take place during the main Sunday Morning Family Service, on 1st Sunday of the month.


Some parents may wish to give thanks for the safe arrival of their child, but perhaps, are not ready to make the commitment, on their behalf, to bring them up as a Christian.


We understand that this is an important and demanding responsibility and the Church offers, as an alternative, a Service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child which... ‘is designed to meet the needs of:


           parents who see this as a preliminary to Baptism

           parents who do not wish their children to be baptized immediately;

           others, who do not ask for Baptism, but who recognize that something has happened for which they wish to give thanks to God.’


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If you are considering Baptism, for yourself, or for your child, or perhaps feel that a Thanksgiving Service alone would be more appropriate at this stage, please come along to our Sunday Family service and have a chat with either one of the clergy or Churchwardens over a coffee afterwards. We look forward to meeting you!

Our Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child services take place on Sundays, on various dates throughout the year.


For more information on Baptism and the role of godparents or, a Service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child, please have a look at the Church of England website,


Contact for Baptisms and St Marys and All Saints is Joanne Morton

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